Friday, September 6, 2013

World Class Works of Art at di Rosa

On October 3, 2010, the owner and founder of di Rosa, Rene di Rosa, may have passed away peacefully, his passion for life, wine and unconventional works and spirit lives on in di Rosa. Behind him, he left behind a place that is completely dedicated to world of art and wine. Lying in a big part of California is Winery Lake vineyards and its huge collection of masterpieces and a history of philanthropic work. It was back in the 1960s when di Rosa invested in a four hundred and fifty acres worth of land in the little-known Napa (back then) because despite having lived a city life much of the time, he began a wonderful love affair with wide open spaces and preservation of agriculture. During his life, he is known as a man who was generous and have a deep passion for art and gave his full support to aspiring artists who have finally made a name for themselves today.
The art museum itself contains an astonishing number of masterpieces from artists who called California their home. Yes, this is the man’s way of supporting the works of the locals and to this very day, there are about two thousand artwork from more than eight hundred different artists. It matters not which style of art one prefers when visiting this California charter bus rental tourist destination and that is because di Rosa loved almost all styles of artwork be it painting or media. The formal name of the museum is Gatehouse Gallery but the locals know that di Rosa, Gatehouse Gallery and Sculpture Meadow are all one and the same.
In order to completely immerse yourself in these amazing collection of masterpieces, you will need an informal tours which can be organized on and during your visit. You are free to independently make the tour yourself, though. The art gallery cum museum is open from Wednesdays right through to Sunday and although it is not compulsory to give them a call before heading over, reserving yourself a spot and giving them advance notice is highly recommended.
What most California charter bus tour visitors usually fall in love with, at first sight, is the vineyard, wide open space, gardens and the completely natural surrounding that is seemingly left untouched by mankind. It is one of the most astonishingly beautiful scene in Napa Valley. Today, the gallery continues on with their vision of supporting and spreading their love for artistic creative expression and the spirit of living an adventurous life and the awesomeness of imagination.

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