Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things not to miss at Palm Springs

Despite what you may think, there are still many things to see and do in a desert region. Palm Springs, this popular resort city is located in the desert region of Southern California, and is buzzing with activity, offering entertainment and relaxation for rental bus visitors of all ages.
The climate at Palm Springs is arid with hot summers, while winter and spring offers a more enjoyable daytime temperature. So make sure you plan your charter bus travel to Palm Springs in California properly.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Top 3 Desert National Parks in California

California has been attracting tourists and vacationers to its desert national parks for countless decades. It is the perfect place for people to come visit whenever they seek refuge from cold climate and wintry misery. Listed as some of the most beautiful and unforgettable vacation spots in the world, Americans (and Californians, in particular) are extremely fond and protective of these desert hotspots.
Here are 3 of our favorite desert national parks located in various places in California.

Death Valley

With more than 5,000 square feet of magical dunes, dangerous canyonsand all-encompassing oases, Death Valley is known for its majestic beauty and overall uniqueness. The desert national park is located in the Great Basin is currently the hottest and driest desert in the world. With the punishing weather, California bus charter visitors continue to throng to the valley, especially for the annual ultra-marathon. During this 135-mile journeyinto the Death Valley, one’s strength, grit, patience and persistence is tested like it has never been tested before.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Indescribable Tranquil of San Jacinto Mountains

The indigenous people of California, particularly the Cahuilla, live in the deserts surrounding the San Jacinto Mountains which is located in the southern region of California. The Cahuilla used the mountains mainly for food hunting, foraging, and also sometimes to escape the punishing heat during summer time.
The range stretches along for approximately 1,500 km from Southern California towards the top of Baja Mountains.

A sight you wouldn’t want to miss if you are in Palm Spring

Frankly, hitting this part of the desert during summer months isn’t the best thing to do but the weather is splendid during other times of the year. If you are visiting in a large group, we recommend using a bus charter CA ground transportation during your visit. Otherwise, using the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway would suffice.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Exploring Oakland for First-Timers

When speaking about California’s bustling tourism industry, the first few places that pops into our minds would be Los Angeles, San Francisco and then followed by San Diego and others. Do we know a whole lot about Oakland of California. If you have never been there, we think it is high time you think about renting a charter bus, coach charter, shuttle bus, mini bus or party bus from a reliable bus company like Bus Rental CA for a weekend getaway soon. We are now experiencing the amazing fall weather and there is lots of outdoors spaces in Oakland for visitors to enjoy historic and modern Oakland.
Oakland is extremely charming in its own way because there is a mix of everything - a little of the old, a bit of the new and then it all comes together very nicely in a modern, urban setting. Take the rented charter bus CA for a spin along the picturesque waterfront and enjoy the wonderful backdrop that it provides against the downtown metropolis skyline. It is heaven for photography enthusiasts and people who like being with nature.
There is an undeniable growth in the entertainment and dining scene right now as a result of a growing tourism industry. More and more people are beginning to realize that there is more to Oakland than meets the eye. We particularly love the fact that Oakland CA has an amazing number of parks and expansive hills to explore. The spots are particularly popular during peak months like spring and summer so, if you decide to head over during these peak times, please be aware that you are going to be contending for the same space with lots of other tourists and locals who are out to spend time outdoors.
It is common for residents of Oakland to plan weekend activities around dining out and then hitting adventurous recreational activities like hiking in the cooling mountains or giving sailing a try or perhaps go on short biking tours with their family and friends. And sometimes, they prefer to learn something new about the city that they call home by taking a tour around an Oakland landmark.
First timers, take note that the Oakland Zoo is perfect for your little ones as there are numerous small animals in the petting zoo as well. In fact, we think they might learn a thing or two too when you take the CA bus rental charter to a significant place like Paramount Theater.
We would love to be a part of your adventure too, so, give Bus Rental CA a call right now to find out more information about our professional and affordable bus charter, coach charter, party bus, mini bus and party bus rental packages and services. We hope to hear from you really soon.

Friday, September 6, 2013

World Class Works of Art at di Rosa

On October 3, 2010, the owner and founder of di Rosa, Rene di Rosa, may have passed away peacefully, his passion for life, wine and unconventional works and spirit lives on in di Rosa. Behind him, he left behind a place that is completely dedicated to world of art and wine. Lying in a big part of California is Winery Lake vineyards and its huge collection of masterpieces and a history of philanthropic work. It was back in the 1960s when di Rosa invested in a four hundred and fifty acres worth of land in the little-known Napa (back then) because despite having lived a city life much of the time, he began a wonderful love affair with wide open spaces and preservation of agriculture. During his life, he is known as a man who was generous and have a deep passion for art and gave his full support to aspiring artists who have finally made a name for themselves today.
The art museum itself contains an astonishing number of masterpieces from artists who called California their home. Yes, this is the man’s way of supporting the works of the locals and to this very day, there are about two thousand artwork from more than eight hundred different artists. It matters not which style of art one prefers when visiting this California charter bus rental tourist destination and that is because di Rosa loved almost all styles of artwork be it painting or media. The formal name of the museum is Gatehouse Gallery but the locals know that di Rosa, Gatehouse Gallery and Sculpture Meadow are all one and the same.
In order to completely immerse yourself in these amazing collection of masterpieces, you will need an informal tours which can be organized on and during your visit. You are free to independently make the tour yourself, though. The art gallery cum museum is open from Wednesdays right through to Sunday and although it is not compulsory to give them a call before heading over, reserving yourself a spot and giving them advance notice is highly recommended.
What most California charter bus tour visitors usually fall in love with, at first sight, is the vineyard, wide open space, gardens and the completely natural surrounding that is seemingly left untouched by mankind. It is one of the most astonishingly beautiful scene in Napa Valley. Today, the gallery continues on with their vision of supporting and spreading their love for artistic creative expression and the spirit of living an adventurous life and the awesomeness of imagination.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Studios on the Park, California

If you have a thing for wine and art, then you will truly enjoy a trip in a rented California bus to the Studios on the Park, located at 1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles. However, if you want to be able to enjoy a glass of wine and art at the same time, the best time to go and visit would be on the first Saturday of the month (at least that’s what we’ve been told!). But even without the wine and cheese, this is still a wonderful place to visit – anytime.

Studios on the Park is a nonprofit open studios art center and they have 9 studios with 21 working artists as well as 2 galleries, so you can imagine the kind of lively activities that go on here all the time! California rental bus visitors are always in for a pleasant surprise whenever they visit this place because they get to do almost different things each time they visit – from watching the artists in action painting to enrolling art classes or workshops and admiring the finished artworks of the artists at the galleries; and these are just some of the fun and relaxing activities that visitors get to do when they are at the Studios on the Park.

Being a nonprofit organization, Studios on the Park depends on contributions from the public and visitors to their grounds so that they can continue to provide a place where creativity is encouraged, shared and taught. One of their goals is to educate the public of all ages about art and artists – whether you are just 5 years old or 50 years old, they encourage everyone to explore arts and the creativity process through their different types of art classes, workshops, art related events and exhibitions. Their mission is to bring out the creative artist that is probably hidden in the lives of many people!

As you tour the grounds of the Studios on the Park, and if you happen to stumble upon a piece of artwork that you really like and would like to purchase it, you can always speak to the person in charge or on duty there. You also don’t have to worry about transporting the artwork back to your home because you already have the rented California bus driver who is ever ready to help you load your purchase onto the bus. For a quick bite or coffee, there’s a Deli nearby where you can go and you can either choose to eat inside the deli or walk over to the park across the street for an outdoor lunch.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tour, Shop and Dine at Old Town Temecula

Did you know that there are some cool, old towns in California that are worth a day’s trip with your friends? One of such places is the Old Town Temecula where you can go touring, shopping, dining and even house watching with your friends for a day of outing on a Saturday in a rented bus. This is where you can literally chill and relax while having a great time, minus the hustle and bustle of a city life, that is.

Having rented a bus to Old Town Temecula, you and your shopping cum food friends will not have to worry about finding the best spots to go for shopping and eating. The friendly California rental bus driver will literally know where to take all of you and all you need to tell him is when to come pick you up after you have done all that you want to do at this lovely old town.

After you get off from the rented bus, you will notice that there are plenty of historical buildings and sites as well as boutiques and restaurants at Old Town Temecula that you will soon find your whole day almost gone with touring, shopping and eating. Some of the historical sites that you can consider checking out are the historical residences like The Burnham House – where the original Wildomar Hotel was built in the 1880s, Alec Escallier House – a Spanish Revival Style home built by Alec Escallier himself, The Friedemann House – built in the year 1922 or so, but recently has been rebuilt and sold to a new owner. A word of caution though – the historical residences in Old Town Temecula are fully occupied, so while the families living there do not mind you viewing their residences from the outside, they do not wished to be disturbed at all.

And if you happen to be a fan of antiques, you will find some interesting antiques shops where you may even purchase an item or two to bring home along with you in the rented bus. While the boutiques that you may find in Old Town Temecula cannot be compared to some of the bigger shops in malls, we would still rate them slightly above average and they are quite up to date in their fashion news too and in fact, you may just find some good buys while you and your BFFs shop here.

After a whole day of touring, shopping and dining, you will be happy to see your rented bus driver waiting for all of you to take you home. While he drives, you can all rest your tired legs in the comfort of the bus!