Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tour, Shop and Dine at Old Town Temecula

Did you know that there are some cool, old towns in California that are worth a day’s trip with your friends? One of such places is the Old Town Temecula where you can go touring, shopping, dining and even house watching with your friends for a day of outing on a Saturday in a rented bus. This is where you can literally chill and relax while having a great time, minus the hustle and bustle of a city life, that is.

Having rented a bus to Old Town Temecula, you and your shopping cum food friends will not have to worry about finding the best spots to go for shopping and eating. The friendly California rental bus driver will literally know where to take all of you and all you need to tell him is when to come pick you up after you have done all that you want to do at this lovely old town.

After you get off from the rented bus, you will notice that there are plenty of historical buildings and sites as well as boutiques and restaurants at Old Town Temecula that you will soon find your whole day almost gone with touring, shopping and eating. Some of the historical sites that you can consider checking out are the historical residences like The Burnham House – where the original Wildomar Hotel was built in the 1880s, Alec Escallier House – a Spanish Revival Style home built by Alec Escallier himself, The Friedemann House – built in the year 1922 or so, but recently has been rebuilt and sold to a new owner. A word of caution though – the historical residences in Old Town Temecula are fully occupied, so while the families living there do not mind you viewing their residences from the outside, they do not wished to be disturbed at all.

And if you happen to be a fan of antiques, you will find some interesting antiques shops where you may even purchase an item or two to bring home along with you in the rented bus. While the boutiques that you may find in Old Town Temecula cannot be compared to some of the bigger shops in malls, we would still rate them slightly above average and they are quite up to date in their fashion news too and in fact, you may just find some good buys while you and your BFFs shop here.

After a whole day of touring, shopping and dining, you will be happy to see your rented bus driver waiting for all of you to take you home. While he drives, you can all rest your tired legs in the comfort of the bus!