Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Indescribable Tranquil of San Jacinto Mountains

The indigenous people of California, particularly the Cahuilla, live in the deserts surrounding the San Jacinto Mountains which is located in the southern region of California. The Cahuilla used the mountains mainly for food hunting, foraging, and also sometimes to escape the punishing heat during summer time.
The range stretches along for approximately 1,500 km from Southern California towards the top of Baja Mountains.

A sight you wouldn’t want to miss if you are in Palm Spring

Frankly, hitting this part of the desert during summer months isn’t the best thing to do but the weather is splendid during other times of the year. If you are visiting in a large group, we recommend using a bus charter CA ground transportation during your visit. Otherwise, using the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway would suffice.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Exploring Oakland for First-Timers

When speaking about California’s bustling tourism industry, the first few places that pops into our minds would be Los Angeles, San Francisco and then followed by San Diego and others. Do we know a whole lot about Oakland of California. If you have never been there, we think it is high time you think about renting a charter bus, coach charter, shuttle bus, mini bus or party bus from a reliable bus company like Bus Rental CA for a weekend getaway soon. We are now experiencing the amazing fall weather and there is lots of outdoors spaces in Oakland for visitors to enjoy historic and modern Oakland.
Oakland is extremely charming in its own way because there is a mix of everything - a little of the old, a bit of the new and then it all comes together very nicely in a modern, urban setting. Take the rented charter bus CA for a spin along the picturesque waterfront and enjoy the wonderful backdrop that it provides against the downtown metropolis skyline. It is heaven for photography enthusiasts and people who like being with nature.
There is an undeniable growth in the entertainment and dining scene right now as a result of a growing tourism industry. More and more people are beginning to realize that there is more to Oakland than meets the eye. We particularly love the fact that Oakland CA has an amazing number of parks and expansive hills to explore. The spots are particularly popular during peak months like spring and summer so, if you decide to head over during these peak times, please be aware that you are going to be contending for the same space with lots of other tourists and locals who are out to spend time outdoors.
It is common for residents of Oakland to plan weekend activities around dining out and then hitting adventurous recreational activities like hiking in the cooling mountains or giving sailing a try or perhaps go on short biking tours with their family and friends. And sometimes, they prefer to learn something new about the city that they call home by taking a tour around an Oakland landmark.
First timers, take note that the Oakland Zoo is perfect for your little ones as there are numerous small animals in the petting zoo as well. In fact, we think they might learn a thing or two too when you take the CA bus rental charter to a significant place like Paramount Theater.
We would love to be a part of your adventure too, so, give Bus Rental CA a call right now to find out more information about our professional and affordable bus charter, coach charter, party bus, mini bus and party bus rental packages and services. We hope to hear from you really soon.

Friday, September 6, 2013

World Class Works of Art at di Rosa

On October 3, 2010, the owner and founder of di Rosa, Rene di Rosa, may have passed away peacefully, his passion for life, wine and unconventional works and spirit lives on in di Rosa. Behind him, he left behind a place that is completely dedicated to world of art and wine. Lying in a big part of California is Winery Lake vineyards and its huge collection of masterpieces and a history of philanthropic work. It was back in the 1960s when di Rosa invested in a four hundred and fifty acres worth of land in the little-known Napa (back then) because despite having lived a city life much of the time, he began a wonderful love affair with wide open spaces and preservation of agriculture. During his life, he is known as a man who was generous and have a deep passion for art and gave his full support to aspiring artists who have finally made a name for themselves today.
The art museum itself contains an astonishing number of masterpieces from artists who called California their home. Yes, this is the man’s way of supporting the works of the locals and to this very day, there are about two thousand artwork from more than eight hundred different artists. It matters not which style of art one prefers when visiting this California charter bus rental tourist destination and that is because di Rosa loved almost all styles of artwork be it painting or media. The formal name of the museum is Gatehouse Gallery but the locals know that di Rosa, Gatehouse Gallery and Sculpture Meadow are all one and the same.
In order to completely immerse yourself in these amazing collection of masterpieces, you will need an informal tours which can be organized on and during your visit. You are free to independently make the tour yourself, though. The art gallery cum museum is open from Wednesdays right through to Sunday and although it is not compulsory to give them a call before heading over, reserving yourself a spot and giving them advance notice is highly recommended.
What most California charter bus tour visitors usually fall in love with, at first sight, is the vineyard, wide open space, gardens and the completely natural surrounding that is seemingly left untouched by mankind. It is one of the most astonishingly beautiful scene in Napa Valley. Today, the gallery continues on with their vision of supporting and spreading their love for artistic creative expression and the spirit of living an adventurous life and the awesomeness of imagination.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Studios on the Park, California

If you have a thing for wine and art, then you will truly enjoy a trip in a rented California bus to the Studios on the Park, located at 1130 Pine Street, Paso Robles. However, if you want to be able to enjoy a glass of wine and art at the same time, the best time to go and visit would be on the first Saturday of the month (at least that’s what we’ve been told!). But even without the wine and cheese, this is still a wonderful place to visit – anytime.

Studios on the Park is a nonprofit open studios art center and they have 9 studios with 21 working artists as well as 2 galleries, so you can imagine the kind of lively activities that go on here all the time! California rental bus visitors are always in for a pleasant surprise whenever they visit this place because they get to do almost different things each time they visit – from watching the artists in action painting to enrolling art classes or workshops and admiring the finished artworks of the artists at the galleries; and these are just some of the fun and relaxing activities that visitors get to do when they are at the Studios on the Park.

Being a nonprofit organization, Studios on the Park depends on contributions from the public and visitors to their grounds so that they can continue to provide a place where creativity is encouraged, shared and taught. One of their goals is to educate the public of all ages about art and artists – whether you are just 5 years old or 50 years old, they encourage everyone to explore arts and the creativity process through their different types of art classes, workshops, art related events and exhibitions. Their mission is to bring out the creative artist that is probably hidden in the lives of many people!

As you tour the grounds of the Studios on the Park, and if you happen to stumble upon a piece of artwork that you really like and would like to purchase it, you can always speak to the person in charge or on duty there. You also don’t have to worry about transporting the artwork back to your home because you already have the rented California bus driver who is ever ready to help you load your purchase onto the bus. For a quick bite or coffee, there’s a Deli nearby where you can go and you can either choose to eat inside the deli or walk over to the park across the street for an outdoor lunch.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tour, Shop and Dine at Old Town Temecula

Did you know that there are some cool, old towns in California that are worth a day’s trip with your friends? One of such places is the Old Town Temecula where you can go touring, shopping, dining and even house watching with your friends for a day of outing on a Saturday in a rented bus. This is where you can literally chill and relax while having a great time, minus the hustle and bustle of a city life, that is.

Having rented a bus to Old Town Temecula, you and your shopping cum food friends will not have to worry about finding the best spots to go for shopping and eating. The friendly California rental bus driver will literally know where to take all of you and all you need to tell him is when to come pick you up after you have done all that you want to do at this lovely old town.

After you get off from the rented bus, you will notice that there are plenty of historical buildings and sites as well as boutiques and restaurants at Old Town Temecula that you will soon find your whole day almost gone with touring, shopping and eating. Some of the historical sites that you can consider checking out are the historical residences like The Burnham House – where the original Wildomar Hotel was built in the 1880s, Alec Escallier House – a Spanish Revival Style home built by Alec Escallier himself, The Friedemann House – built in the year 1922 or so, but recently has been rebuilt and sold to a new owner. A word of caution though – the historical residences in Old Town Temecula are fully occupied, so while the families living there do not mind you viewing their residences from the outside, they do not wished to be disturbed at all.

And if you happen to be a fan of antiques, you will find some interesting antiques shops where you may even purchase an item or two to bring home along with you in the rented bus. While the boutiques that you may find in Old Town Temecula cannot be compared to some of the bigger shops in malls, we would still rate them slightly above average and they are quite up to date in their fashion news too and in fact, you may just find some good buys while you and your BFFs shop here.

After a whole day of touring, shopping and dining, you will be happy to see your rented bus driver waiting for all of you to take you home. While he drives, you can all rest your tired legs in the comfort of the bus!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finding it in Eureka with a Rental Bus

Just off California's scenic Highway 101, a short distance away by rental bus, lies Eureka, a quaint community committed to preserving its extraordinary attractions. Located on Humboldt Bay, Eureka is home to some of the world's largest trees and an arts community that has earned the town the No. 1 spot in "The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America," written by John Villani, art towns aficionado and author. Plan a visit to Eureka with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Bus Rental California and find out more about what this quaint town has to offer.

Humboldt Bay, California's second-largest bay, is what first led people to Eureka. The bay, which includes a museum, boat launch and assortment of wildlife, still stands as a major attraction for California rental bus visitors. The Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. A 75-minute cruise tour is offered to rental bus visitors on board the Madaket, the oldest boat in continuous operation in the United States. Boat tours run at 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., with additional 4 p.m. tours Wednesday through Saturday. The Bay, home to California's only open-ocean boat launch, is a favorite among fishermen who enjoy hunting perch, jacksmelt, California halibut, salmon, leopard sharks, clams, bat rays and crabs. For bird enthusiasts, 250 species inhabit the Bay, many of which are found in the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

At Humboldt State Park, rental bus visitors can hike and camp among lush Redwood groves, and maybe get the rare experience of seeing one of the park's six albino redwoods; only 50 known albino redwoods exist. The park has no daily admission fees, however, overnight camping fees range from $5 to $45. Avenue of Giants, a 30-mile stretch on Highway 101, cuts through the park, giving passersby a glimpse of the massive trees. The Humboldt Botanical Garden consists of 44.5 acres of local and exotic plants. The garden is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m (as of February 2010) and can be rented out for special occasions, but there are plans to open up the gardens full time. Sequoia Park Zoo is the only accredited zoological facility between San Francisco and Oregon; it's open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission fees are $4 for adults, $2 for children, $3 for seniors and only $1 every Wednesday.

Every first Saturday of the month, Eureka hosts an art walk between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., centered around F and 2nd streets. The walk features artwork from 80 local galleries and rental bus visitors will be entertained by performances from musicians, poets and street entertainers. The rich history of Eureka is so well-preserved in the community's "Old Town" district that the town has been officially declared the 477th California Historical Landmark. The area consists of 154 Victorian-era buildings. At the east end of Eureka sits Carson Mansion, a superb illustration of Queen Anne Style architecture, built in 1884.
Plan your rental bus trip in California with the friendly and efficient services of Rental Bus California. Choose one of their fully equipped rental buses and travel through California in comfort and style.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cruising California’s coastline

The California coastline is an outstanding tourist attraction in itself, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful natural landscape. Cruise the Pacific Coast Highway with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Bus Rental California, 
following the coastline's course, coming across a number of unique attractions. Travel up and down California’s coast in style and comfort in your rental bus, as you explore its scenic wonders, and find a wealth of things to do and see.
A good place to stop on your rental bus trip is at Laguna Beach in Orange County, which provides an opportunity for rental bus visitors get close to nature. Laguna’s beaches contain a plethora of tide pools that are home to an incredible ecosystem. Sea anemones, mussels, barnacles and crabs make their homes there, all protected by the Marine Life Protection Act. Beaches with tide pools include Shaw's Cove, Rock Pile, Bird Rock Beach, Picnic Beach and Moss Point. Visitors are prohibited from removing any creatures from the tide pools. Talk to your friendly, reliable rental bus driver about timing your trip carefully so you can see them when the tide is out.
Home to California's oldest amusement park, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk features two National Historic Landmarks, a carousel built in 1911 and the wooden roller coaster known as the Giant Dipper, built in 1924. Although these old school rides continue to attract rental bus visitors, an array of arcades, games and thrill rides offer plenty of options for all ages. The recently opened Haunted Castle ride descends below the boardwalk, while the Hurricane roller coaster offers 4.5 Gs and 80-degree banking angles. Laser Tag offers fast-paced adventure for the family, with special lighting and a fog machine enhancing the action. Shopping, miniature golf and live entertainment round out the list of attractions. Steps from the Santa Cruz Beach, the facility presents ocean views on a beachfront setting in Monterey Bay, which are always a favorite of rental bus tourists.
Midway on your rental bus ride between Los Angeles and San Francisco stands the estate formerly owned by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. This stunning edifice stands at the top of a tall hill, overlooking the nearby shoreline. Hearst endeavored to build a castle fit for a European nobleman, with over 50 bedrooms, indoor and outdoor pools, a movie theater, an airfield and a private zoo. Movie stars and Hollywood elites were regular visitors, and Hearst complemented the architecture by assembling one of the most impressive private collections of paintings and sculptures in the world. Public tours are conducted daily, and while the Hearst family retains some property rights, the area is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Nearby beaches provide plenty of wildlife as well. Rental bus tourists come to see the elephant seals breed there each winter, and the descendants of Hearst's zoo, such as zebras, gazelle and other herd animals, that continue to roam the estate.
For a cruise through California’s coastline, give Bus Rental California a call to find out how they can help you arrange a fuss free fun filled trip with a selection from their fleet of rental buses and friendly, personalized service.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Touring California by Rental Bus

Bright and breezy California has always been a favorite tourist destination, and there is no better way to see California than with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus hired from Bus Rental California. Getting around California’s sights and attractions in style and comfort has never been easier than with a rental bus. California’s temperate climate and varied geography has a little something to offer everyone, so come along with us in your rental bus for sampling of what California has to offer.
Established in 1965, Sea Ranch, 110 miles north of San Francisco near Gualala is best reached by rental bus. Located on a stretch of rugged Northern California coast, this utopian experiment by a group of top flight architects features unobtrusive low key homes that blend into the landscape and an exclusive 20 room lodge. Guests at Sea Ranch can hike, bike, ride a horse, play the resort's links-style golf course or kayak.
Most people would have visited Yosemite when touring the Sierra, but take your rental bus and head a little deeper into California’s back country and you’ll arrive at Thousand Island Lake. This lake sits 10,000 feet above sea level, with views and landscapes that leave visitors with jaws dropped in awe. Easy enough to do as a day hike, or get a camping permit and stay overnight to catch the sunset and sunrise light up the mountains surrounding the lake.
When most folks hear about grunion running, they think that California native are putting them on, but it is actually a real thing. A short trip in your rental bus brings you to Coronado Beach, where you can see these 5 inch long, blue-green-silver fish crawling up the beach to lay their eggs before returning to the sea. The grunion run only happens at night, at high tide, two to six nights after new and full moons, between March and September. Watch the grunion run, and then walking straight of Coronado Beach into Hotel Del Coronado’s Babcock and Story bar for a nightcap.
Take a rental bus trip to the Cold Spring Tavern, sitting in the mountains about 10 miles outside of Santa Barbara. A popular weekend destination with bikers who come to carve the mountain roads on their motorcycles, Cold Spring is more than just a tavern. Starting as a stagecoach stop in the 1880s, Cold Spring includes an upscale restaurant serving buffalo, venison and rabbit alongside more normal table meats. The bar features a massive stone fireplace, and fills up with bikers and blues lovers who come to hear Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan play on Sunday afternoons.
Take a tour of California with a rental bus from Bus Rental California for an unforgettable journey with their fleet or rental buses and friendly, personalized service.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Secret San Francisco Treats

Visiting San Francisco and want to avoid all the clichéd tourist attractions and tourist filled traps? When you organize your travel with a reputable bus rental company like Bus Rental San Francisco, you’re in luck as first of all, you arrive in comfort and style by charter bus and you enjoy the most professional service from any transportation company.
The best value and easiest to get around option to see San Francisco during the charter bus tour or vacation is to get the San Francisco City Pass. It allows you to travel all around the city, with unlimited rides on the city’s MUNI transit and see all of San Francisco’s best attractions but also gets you free access or discounted rates for many of the city’s best attractions and events.
Escape to sunny skies on the rooftop of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and be surrounded by the architecture of the SOMA district to a beautiful “gallery without a ceiling.”
Take the rented charter bus to this open-air courtyard is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of local coffee. Plus, their art-inspired desserts are all baked daily on the premises, and are inspired by the art on display in the gallery! Look out for the Mondrian Cake (vanilla and red velvet cake with chocolate ganache) the original of which can be found in the MOMA's permanent collection.
Enjoy some of the best food ever and visit the Off The Grid Food Truck Festival which is held every Friday night. More than 30 food trucks and vendors converge at Fort Mason Center for a moveable feast of sorts serving up cheap and delicious eats from curry to gourmet tacos (you can even have breakfast for dinner with the brunch-only truck!) It’s the easiest way to sample some of the city’s finest cuisine in one hotspot and it is well worth the effort during the charter bus tour.
Or if you prefer your setting to be a bit more up market, head over to the four star Huntington Hotel & Nob Hill Spa set high up on picturesque Nob Hill. Check out their Art Deco décor, and its impeccable service and don’t miss the complimentary tea service or the on-site full-service Nob Hill Spa.
Get the charter bus driver to take you to the (in)famous hilly slopes of San Francisco so that you can start hopping on an electric bike or zipping around on an Segway with the San Francisco Electric Tour Company. It’s an excellent way to explore all the city has to offer and tours are available, with knowledgeable, friendly tour guides who they cater to all accessibility levels and time constraints.
So book your escape to and from San Francisco with bus rental services from Bus Rental San Francisco today and enjoy some secret sights and treats that you’re bound to start sharing.

Monday, January 14, 2013

So much to see on a bus rental CA

Are you curious about the benefits and reasons for traveling with a bus rental? CA is just one of our destinations that are covered by our services, along with many other destinations. Putting together a group trip doesn't have to cause major brain strain from stress, in fact our booking process is so streamlined and easy, it's one of the reasons we are chosen more often than any other by people looking to book a coach bus. Traveling with a bus rental CA can be easy and fun if you leave the driving to us. 

People have been visiting the Golden State from all parts of the country. CA is known for being the closest thing to a perfect place, whether it is for the sunny vineyards of Napa, to the charming small-towns on the Central Coast, or Southern CA’s miles of flawless, endless beaches. If you're considering or planning to visit CA, you will very likely be trying to figure out all the different things you want to do. From the amusement parks and sunny beaches of Southern CA to the rugged cliffs and deserted beaches on the Northern Coast and everything in between, there is no end to all the things you can experience on a bus rental CA. 

If you want to visit Southern CA, there are a few places you should visit. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country besides the Big Apple, so there is no lack of things to do and see in that area, and there are plenty of CA resorts centered around theme parks so you can enjoy a hassle free experience, since everything is easy to find. Disneyland and Sea world are family friendly places to enjoy on a bus rental CA.

Exploring with a bus rental CA can make it possible for you and your group to see all the sites there is to see without worrying about how you are going to get there safely. Traveling in one of our luxury coach buses will not only make your trip to CA fun but you will also be traveling in comfort. Our coach buses offer restrooms, high back reclining seats, TVs, DVD players and CD players so you and your group enjoy your trip from start to finish.
So as you can see these are just a few of the many reasons to book with a bus rental CA. So if you're ready to travel with a bus rental, CA is a great destination and our trained representatives can help you plan a fantastic charter bus excursion for everyone in your group. Leave the planning to a company who have been planning trips on a bus rental CA for a long time.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Off the beaten path in California

The official “unofficial” guide to California is Rob Lowe. While you may love his movies, some of you may not share your love for the same places he might be recommending. So make your own adventure and goo off the beaten path with Bus Rental Ca.
One hidden treasure located halfway between California and San Francisco, just north of Morro Bay on California Highway One is Cayucos and you can easily get there with bus rental CA services. This quaint California beach town has its origins in the late 1800s and still maintains a nineteenth century look.
It’s reputed to be one of the best places along the coast to go antique shopping and if you love to look for a bargain, there are about a half dozen places along Ocean Avenue that will have you enthralled for hours on end with your bus transportation.
You could also rent a bus to tour the murals scattered around town for a look at how different eyes see the neighborhood.
Another place worth visiting is Casa Grande, located a half-hour drive north of Morro Bay. Commonly known as Hearst Castle, it was the home of American newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst who built the nation’s largest newspaper chain and whose methods profoundly influenced American journalism.
If you’re planning on visiting the area between December to February, then the elephant seal rookery about four and a half miles north of Hearst Castle is a must visit attraction. The seals come up around this time of the year to give birth and it’s not uncommon to see about 4,000 newborn pups during that time.
Food wise, local charter bus rental customers recommend Hoppe's Bistro, a charming place along the coast, with a pretty garden and a menu that includes rare, locally farmed red abalone! And when paired with a wine from nearby wine country of Paso Robles, you get a mouth-watering meal unlike any other.
So, that’s the low down (no pun intended) on one of California’s best-kept little hideaways that you can easily visit with Bus Rental Ca.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jaw-dropping Californian Beaches

Some may look for beautiful beaches in California, some may be looking for nudist beaches instead…well, if you are looking for something different, here are a couple of beaches that some people, like our bus rental CA customers, believe they should be classified as either ‘out of this world’ or simply ‘weird’. Take a look around and see for yourself.
One of them would be a beach along Big Sur alled Pfeiffer Beach because they have purple sand. Yes, you heard right, purple sand. For your information, the color is due to the tiny pieces of garnets that can be found in the sand. Honestly, some people commented that they felt like there was a spillage of some sort or perhaps Nature wanted to put a twist to Californian beaches.
On the other end of the ‘out of this world’ spectrum would be Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. You would have to agree, at the end of the day, that it is one of the world’s most amazingly jaw-dropping sight because after decades of warming up the glass shards, the beach now simply looks serene, peaceful, gorgeous and most importantly, glittery with harmless glass shards.
Oceano Beach in Pismo is just about the only beach along the CA stretch that permits vehicles on its beach. Most weekend speed and car lovers will bring their large, bulky off-the-road vehicles here for a spin. Not a place you would want to have your kids rolling around in nor would you want to lay out the picnic blanket, though.
As expected, California beaches are great for any kind of outdoor activity so, if you have organizing a group vacation with your friends, family, relatives, co-workers or church members, please do remember to give bus rental CA a call for a quick bus rental quote. We would to hear from you and be your travel partner now or in the very near future.